October 17, 2008

Late-Breaking Election Coverage

Since the polls opened two days ago, the Race for Donuts has been neck-and-neck. Pundits who predicted a Christy Creams landslide at the outset have had to eat their words.

Happy Sprinkles has kept Christy's lead to a slim margin with a campaign of positive goodness.

But the whole race was thrown into chaos today as a last-minute candidate threw its donut into the ring. Submitted by an art director I had dinner with last night, it rests on a platform of high heels, boy shorts and a scandal-tainted midriff expose.

You Want a Piece of Me

Will pandering to the Britney crowd prove to be a sweet strategy, or a crumb-y misstep?

Election bylaws: Due to the late entry, the third candidate cannot be added to the official ballot. To vote for You Want a Piece of Me or change your earlier vote, you must cast a write-in vote in the Comments below.

1 comment:

jason l said...

I am getting these emails from JoePlumber@ACORN.com, with a link to your site and saying to vote Kristy Kreme. This probably explains the surge in votes for Kristy Kreme over Happy Sprinkles since you last told me it was a dead heat.

This is completely appalling, and a threat to the integrity of blog-o-democracy.

I demand a recount, and that you explain your relationship, if any, to JoePlumber@Acorn.