June 28, 2009

It's National Donut Month!

Okay, that may be a wee bit overstated. But it WAS National Donut Day on Friday June 5, and with such an important occasion Do-Ho decided there was no reason to discontinue celebrating over the weekend, and into the next week, and well...you get it. Posted below are a few snapshots from the restaurant Grace, which takes the modest breakfast pastry to a sophisticated level with its Doughnut Tasting Menu, served in the evenings and paired with wine if desired. Pistachio donut, anyone? Warm salted caramel donut? If "being seen" at a swank LA restaurant is more your style than hanging out at the local donut shop on the corner or you just want a break in your routine, get gussied up and sashay in to Grace's. Don't forget to make a reservation!