May 31, 2009

Donut Excursion: Cafe Du Monde

Do-Ho travels to New Orleans, Louisiana to visit Cafe Du Monde

If there's anything better than a donut shop, it's a donut shop that stays open 24 hours--especially when it serves up piping hot, powdered sugar-blanketed, French-style donuts called beignets. These square-shaped treats are served in sets of three along with Cafe Du Monde's famous dark-roasted coffee.

Do-Ho's recent New Orleans donut excursion was enhanced by visits to other famous landmarks and events including the world-famous Jazzfest and a stroll down Bourbon Street. But nothing could compare to stopping by Cafe Du Monde and finding it filled with a lively crowd enjoying beignets at 3 a.m. Perhaps they brew their coffee so strong because they want people to stay awake long enough to order a second plate!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I wish I was in NoLa right now! I heart Cafe Du Monde!