November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos!! (or) A Chance to Consider Other Career Options

I must say that when the Christy costume arrived on the doorstep and popped out of her Amazon box, my first reaction was that she was a wee bit trampsterish. With a skirt up to here and a bodice down to there, I rued the day I let voters decide not to go with Happy Sprinkles. But I needn't have fretted. As you will see from the photographs, my skimpy-skampy outfit was gosh, almost out of place on Halloween night. Next year I might need to go with the Britney get-up.

Cops love donuts! Thank you for your public service LAPD!

These ladies were in the military (not sure which branch). Thank you for serving our country, ladies!

Another service worker. I was suprised that so many nurses had to work the night shift on Halloween. They were everywhere!

She said she was a witch but she was actually very nice.

I think this may be what my nieces refer to as "an awkward turtle moment."

This poor girl told me a shocking story about how her necktie shrank in the dryer.

Bacon 'N Eggs tried to muscle Donuts out of a balanced breakfast, but Christy held her ground.

This caveman was simply delicious. He wants me to switch to Geico car insurance. I told him to call me so we could discuss rates!


AndreTheMighty said...

WOW, did you get the Harry Potter girl's phone number for me?
I want her to be my future ex-2nd-wife...

Who is Do-Ho? said...

News flash, Andrethemighty: Those cream puffs have artificial filling.

Michelle said...

do-ho - you did not disappoint! these pictures certainly put a smile back on my face! i loved your costume! what a fab halloween you had for the both of us. :)

Who is Do-Ho? said...

Thanky, thanky! See you for a donut date next week Michelle!

Anonymous said...

the rest of the world probably think we females in LA all aspire to live in the playboy mansion judging from these photos : )