November 12, 2008

Donut Excursion: Fractured Prune

Do-Ho travels to Rockville, Maryland to visit Fractured Prune

Hot Hand-Dipped Homemade Donuts.
I think I've just found my favorite sentence in the English language.

Fractured Prune is a chain that is fast taking hold in the mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Do-Ho was too impatient to wait for the Prune to migrate West, so she hopped a plane to Maryland and ordered up a sampling: "French Toast" is dipped in maple glaze and then topped with cinnamon sugar. "Chocolate Covered Cherry" has cherry glaze covered in mini chocolate chips that quickly melt into the cherry topping.

As this satisfied mini-customer can testify, Fractured Prune donuts make for hazardous eating but are well worth the trip.

1 comment:

strangecharm said...

One can even get donuts a la mode, just like in heaven! It is useless to resist it. Go Do-Ho!