January 11, 2009

They Eat Donuts in Fiji, Don't They?

Well no. No they don't.
At least not that we could find on the tiny island we called home for seven donutless days. To make matters worse, Do-Ho was stricken with food poisoning on New Year’s Eve!

Never mind. With one, and only one, New Year’s resolution (Eat more donuts) in mind, Do-Ho got the heck out of Dodge and returned to her homeland. Yesterday she was spotted at her secret local donut shop catching up on things with friend Kristin. Here is Kristin talking about Oliver, her sister’s new puppy. Every story goes better with a donut!


Aneel Maan said...

They have a shop in Suva that has donuts. The donuts are very overpriced though. Its like 3 or 4 Fiji dollars for only 1!!! Its on the same road as MHCC Its across from a Korean internet cafe.

Who is Do-Ho? said...

Thank you Aneel! Your information is wonderful--it makes me want to compile a World Atlas of Donuts. Just looking for a little extra cabbage so I can afford a few Fiji donuts next time I'm out your way!