September 27, 2009

Donut Excursion: Beach Comber Cafe

Do-Ho travels to Malibu, California to visit Beach Comber Cafe

Initially, Saturday seemed like a not-so-good day for a donut excursion. An extensive search of Beverly Hills ended in disappointment for Do-Ho and friend. However, Do-Ho was able to pick herself up off the floor and try it all over again that very evening. Her motivation? The crashing surf of Malibu, the night ocean breeze, and the Beach Comber Cafe's infamous "Donut Hole Bread Pudding."

As a formality, Do-Ho and friend Margaret (above) ordered dinner first. The swordfish and short ribs were all well and good, but an obvious distraction was the Pièce de résistance. When, oh when would the waitress come back and clear the dinner plates away so that the real action could begin? Perhaps we neglected to mention that the outdoor seating at the Beach Comber is absolutely stunning--as close to sitting next to the crashing waves as one can possibly be without needing a surfboard, with the twinkly lights of LA dotting the coastline and the moon peeking through a night fog. Whatever. At last, we harkened the arrival of Donut Hole Bread Pudding, topped with vanilla custard ice cream and a perky sprig of mint. It was worth the wait! We wholeheartedly recommend this dish as a classy way to enjoy donuts during a fancy night out. But just between us, Do-Ho likes the idea of skipping dinner and going right to dessert next time.

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