September 21, 2009

Team Do-Ho Improves to 11th

After some major adjustments inside the organization, FFL's Team Do-Ho scrambled back into 11th place in the league, just a hair shy of its previous Top Ten position. The team had been plagued by an outbreak of Lardass Disease, but managed to return to a healthier position by the weekend. One possible exception was D. Drogba who scored once but then seemed to have trouble running on the field and had to be carried home. Word on the street is that his future with the team is on shaky grounds anyway, having been caught in violation of the no-donut, no-churro policy.

"We did some random locker checks and physical exams," said a team source. "Drogba had a half-dozen donuts in his gym bag, some kolaches in his lunchbox, and a churro stuck behind one ear."

The Team Do-Ho front office has been reviewing the matter and said it will make a decision on Drogba's status in the coming weeks.


Nephew Sam said...

Dogbert sure do love dem do-nuts...

dan said...

Just remember, he might be a crybaby, but he's your crybaby. And how does a team call Do-Ho have a no doughnut policy? It seems like a team sponsored by Budweiser having a no alcohol policy.