April 11, 2010

Donut Excursion: Puro Sabor

Do-Ho travels to Van Nuys, California to visit Puro Sabor

Few things in life are better than sharing a meal with a friend that involves both french fries and donuts. Do-Ho recently discovered a small, family-owned Peruvian restaurant named Puro Sabor that provides all this and more. After a large helping of steak saltados (slices of beef mixed with vegetables and tossed with french fries), Do-Ho and friend Matt (who dined on a cheesy seafood entree) split a plateful of picarones. These delightful pumpkin fritters taste subdued until dunked into the syrup that comes with them. We only wish we knew enough Spanish to make the request "More picarones with extra syrup, please!"

Below, friend Matt takes a serious bite out of a picarone.

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