November 16, 2010

Donut Excursion: Vidalia

Do-Ho travels to Washington, DC to visit Vidalia

You may have heard that the men and women residing in our nation's capital take themselves rather seriously. Well even though that translates into political infighting, yawn-inducing fashion and just a general shortage of laid-back silliness, we are ever-so-grateful that this city also takes its donuts seriously.

One might not think that a restaurant named after an onion would house the tastiest desserts, but we discovered that Vidalia's "Sugar Spiced Doughnuts" have nothing in common with the establishment's multi-layered namesake (on the other hand these little treats were so good they might just bring tears to your eyes).

Since Do-Ho's friends were feeling a little blue after the recent election results, we decided they needed a little cheering up. Here they are at Vidalia waiting eagerly for dessert to arrive.

Below is a photo of the Sugar Spiced Doughnuts (and cinnamon-sugar rolled doughnut holes riding on top!) with accompanying dipping sauces: Chocolate-Cardamon, Berry-Citrus and Caramel-Toffee.

Finally, the success of the come-on-get-happy outing is evidenced below. Very little remained by the end of the night... but unlike a certain political party, we (thankfully) needn't wait four more years for a do-over.


Anonymous said...

They look delicious! And your sense of humor in writing is truly refreshing (as are the doughnuts, I'm sure).


Michelle said...

Ah-ma-zing looking! I wish I had some right now!!
Glad you are back to writing these!

Lipstick and Latex... said...

Just stopping by to suggest you make a stop at STAN'S DOUGHNUTS in Westwood.


Eva (yup! THAT Eva) ;-)