October 12, 2008

Donut Excursion: Randy's Donuts

This morning the girls and I went on an excursion to Randy's Donuts. A 24-hour drive-in bakery, it has appeared in numerous movies, TV shows, books and music videos. It can be easily spotted from space due to the 22-foot donut bolted to the roof.

We were surprised by the long line outside:

so we killed a little time posing for photos...

until finally it was our turn. Here we are tailgating in the parking lot:

Thumbs up to the sweet goodness of the chocolate-frosted cake donut and the buttermilk bar straight from the oven. The coffee was delicious too. By unanimous vote, we'll be repeat customers at Randy's!


Michelle said...

do-ho - you make me want to grab a donut asap; but i live on the east coast in VA. do you have any recs on stellar spots out my way to grab one of these tasty treats?

Do-Ho said...

You're a lucky girl Michelle. Here in LA we may have Hollywood, but we don't have Dunkin' Donuts! DD's pumpkin glazed donuts should be in season right now, and who can resist a cinnamon cake donut with winter so close? Ooh...I may have to go visit the fine state of Virginia for further research!