April 17, 2009

Donut Excursion: Dunkin' Donuts

Do-Ho travels to Washington, DC to visit Dunkin' Donuts

April in our nation's capital is always delightful because it's the only time of year when hundreds of cherry trees are in full bloom all around the famous monuments. Everywhere you look, cherry blossoms! But walking around with all the (other) tourists sure can work up an appetite...Luckily, donuts are also plentiful and ALWAYS in season. The best part about those folks at Dunkin' Donuts is that they plant themselves wherever they think you might be when you need a little gas in your tank. Indeed, at the location we visited below, you can refuel both yourself and your vehicle with one stop!

Here's my friend Michelle with our donuts and coffee. Will that be caffeinated or unleaded?

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