April 26, 2009

Nostalgia Cupcakes

Not all Donut Excursions turn out like planned, but that's not to say they aren't successful! Do-Ho recently traveled to Annapolis, Maryland where she found a disappointing lack of donut shops. However after a nonetheless enjoyable morning meandering along the historic streets of downtown, Do-Ho was intrigued to see a sign reading "Nostalgia Cupcakes." Never one to discriminate against sweet baked goods of the non-donut variety, we entered the premises and were instantly welcomed by Sharon White, the friendly owner of Nostalgia.

The variety of scrumptious and eye-pleasing cupcakes was mind-boggling, and it was with much self-restraint that Do-Ho narrowed it down to just one purchase: the coconut cupcake. In the middle of the generously frosted fresh coconut concoction, we discovered a yummy pineapple filling! Now that's a pina colada you can throw back even if it's not quite happy hour.

Next time you travel to Annapolis, I recommend the following itinerary:
1. Wake up.
2. Go to Nostalgia Cupcakes and have a cupcake.
3. Tour the Naval Academy.
4. Have some crabcakes at a historic tavern.
5. Go back to Nostalgia Cupcakes and have another cupcake.
6. Take a nap.
7. Repeat.


Michelle said...

I love your schedule of what to do when in Annapolis. As a special note of interest, I would like to inform readers that when you tour the Naval Academy, try to go during noon time because that is when all of the cadets will be in formation and you will get to see them in all their glory. :)

Tony said...

I am a new fan of your site. I think your Do nut blog is brilliant! TS. :)