April 12, 2009

Mama Do-Ho and the Peeps

Happy Marshmallow Peeps Day (a.k.a. Easter) everyone! Today we're on a temporary donut hiatus while we pay homage to the most popular nonchocolate Easter candy in the United States for more than a decade. Talk about some street cred!

People are crazy about their Peeps, and the Do-Ho clan is no exception. One year we traveled to Washington D.C. to visit a Peeps exhibit. Here is a photo of Mama Do-Ho with Marilyn "Peep" Monroe, in the movie classic Peeps Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Hold onto your chicks--there is a Creepy Peep lurking!

Getting around Washington D.C. on the Metro subway system can get you smooshed. Step back to allow others to exit!

We all overindulge a little during holidays, but peep-o-suction is not the answer.

Marie Antoinette loved the big-hair look.

Parental advisory: Peeps cannot handle their alcohol, especially during Mardi Gras [censored]

We all know Peeps are divine, but who knew they could sing and dance too?

Here's a little Peeps trivia:
  • It takes six minutes to make one Peeps chick.
  • Original Peeps have a shelf life of two years.
  • Peeps have zero fat grams and are gluten-free.
Happy Easter to you and your peeps.


Shauna said...

Peeps were always one of my favorites, but who knew there was so much behind them?

Anonymous said...

thanks for bringing back the fun time! luv, Mama Do-Ho

Laura said...

That's cute!