August 19, 2009

Do-Ho (heart) Defoe

Go Defoe! Go Drogba! Go Drogbert!

Wait--we interrupt this message to share a snapshot of the amazing churros at Mucho, where Do-Ho and Big-Bro Do-Ho, who came to town unexpectedly, had dinner last night.

What better way to catch up on family news than over a shared plate of warm fresh churros (a close Mexican cousin of the donut)? Especially lovely when dipped in warm bitter chocolate or caramel dipping sauce! These little darlings are a must-have the next time you find yourself in Manhattan Beach, California.

So where were we? Oh yes--we've promised updates on the world of soccer, haven't we? Luckily there is good news to be shared by all. It seems that one fellow named Drogba, and another named Defoe have done quite well for Team Do-Ho and we would like to congratulate them for their efforts! Defoe scored three points today, which may seem kind of low but we're told is actually quite impressive. It's all about the theory of relativity: three is a number that can seem high (as in soccer), or low (as in, when there is a box of a dozen donuts sitting on the counter and you enjoy three of them, but charitably leave the rest for others).

As for Fantasy Football League standings, despite Team Do-Ho's sensational results, Do-Ho's friend Badger was quick to comment, "It's early days." As he puts it, FFL is a marathon not a sprint, so one shouldn't boast. Which is exactly what one would expect to hear from a manager whose team ranks approximately 76th out of 78 teams in our league. Just sayin'. Do-Ho salutes ALL the teams...even the ones that have a harder time scoring than a badger at a beauty pageant.

Must run! Check back often for the latest on Team Do-Ho!

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