September 6, 2009

Donut Excursion: Xooro

Do-Ho travels to Santa Monica, California to visit Xooro

It has come to our attention that a certain number of players on Team Do-Ho are native Spanish speakers, who presumably grew up breakfasting on a variation of the donut called a "churro." Delicious and portable though they may be, we here at Team Do-Ho world headquarters tend to worry about the artery-clogging oils and high cholesterol contained in the native churro. At the same time, it seems heartless and a bit gauche to go around ripping churros out of the hands of the very players who helped power us into the Top Ten of the Fantasy Football League. Fortunately, we found an excellent solution.

The city of Santa Monica in California is well-known for what is called "California cuisine"--an innovative fusion of cooking from around the world, usually with a healthful yet artistic twist. We recently discovered Xooro (pronounced like "sure-oh"), and "sure-oh" enough, this restaurant serves something that looks like a churro but prettier, and tons healthier. We were delighted to find that these unique treats are made with rice bran oil, and are not nearly as greasy as the churro we're familiar with.

Even though it was 9:00 at night, Do-Ho was lucky to have two dear friends volunteer to go along on an impromptu donut excursion to Xooro. Admittedly, friend Karen misheard "churro" as "gyro" and showed up without having eaten dinner. Once we cleared up the misunderstanding however, she decided then and there that she was okay having churros as her dinner. What a trooper!

And oh yeah...not a pink box in sight.

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