September 2, 2009

Do Your Donuts Come in a Pink Box?

It was just the other day that Do-Ho referred to the overwhelming lure of the "pink donut box." Well amazingly, in the midst of doing some highly academic research on the subject of donutry, your devoted pastry scholar found an interesting tidbit: Pink donut boxes are not universal. They are, however, extremely international. According to one study, it was our friends the Cambodians who imported this tradition into Los Angeles in the 1970's. But east of here? Not the ordinary occurrence that one would have thought. That is about to change, however. Apparently, they are about to start serving up donuts in pink boxes all the way over in St. Louis, where a Cambodian shop owner moved recently with a trailer full of boxes. All great trends kick off in California!

Incidentally, did you know that California is the capital of donuts? We here in the Golden State nibble on 750 million of them each year! A statistic to be proud of. Do-Ho feels a rap song coming on.

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