October 4, 2009

Donut Excursion: 7-11

Do-Ho travels to Fairfax, Virginia to visit 7-11

Many donut fans see a picture of our American President and see a symbol of patriotism. Others see the same photo and see a left-wing conspiracy. In the midst of her East coast junket of donut shops (the tail-end of her trip to meet with President Obama for the Soccer Summit), Do-Ho was approached by the young man shown here, who goes by the name of Dragon. He apparently took issue with what he saw as a one-sided portrayal of American politics on Do-Ho's blog. And he invited her on a guided donut excursion through the heart of Virginia.

Rather surprisingly, he insisted that his favorite pastries were sold at the local 7-11 convenience store.

Dragon and his sidekick, Darren, pose happily with their donuts.

Still happy, they prepare to indulge.

Do-Ho has not seen this type of donut-eating ritual before.

The donut excursion was topped off by attending a gun show for many hours, followed by a visit to a gun store. Here, Do-Ho tries out Dragon's second weapon purchase of the day. Dragon loves his guns as much as Do-Ho loves her donuts.

All in all, it was a fascinating way to share a love for donuts--an experience that Do-Ho will never ever forget. Thank you, Dragon and Darren! It seems that whether your politics fall to the left or the right, donuts provide a middle ground where everyone can be happy.

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