October 6, 2009

Donut Excursion: Fractured Prune - Virginia

Do-Ho travels to Dulles, Virginia to visit Fractured Prune

You may recall our first excursion to a Fractured Prune location in Rockville, Maryland. This time we decided to travel to another locale to make sure that FP's donuts were just as good across state lines (all in the name of scientific pastry research). As you can see from the Black Forest variety above, the state of Virginia did not disappoint.

Below, witness the complimentary pairing of "Reese Cup" and "Peppermint Patty". Perfection!

Because FP donuts are dipped fresh out of the fryer into their respective glazes and toppings, a knife and fork are an approved eating maneuver. Friend Holly, below, dives into the "Myrna Medley" (chocolate, peanuts, and chocolate jimmies).

Our donut meister for the day was Dale, a Virginia native (pictured below). What fork in the road led him to this noble profession? Dale explained that after previous careers as a bricklayer and an auto mechanic, his aching back landed him in food service. We all know that people need houses to live in and cars to drive, but let us not forget that housing and transportation will always be meaningless without joyful foods like donuts. Good choice Dale!

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