October 22, 2009

Guest Blogger Donut Excursion: Introducing So-Do-Ho!

So-Do-Ho Debuts with a Visit to Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle, Washington

Do-Ho is super excited to feature her first (of many, hopefully) guest blogs! Would you like to eat donuts as your (unpaid) job, and become très famous too? Contact us via the Comments section.

Dear Do-Ho,
I recently vacationed in Seattle, Washington. While I was there, I took the time to visit the doughnut shop hailed most by the locals: Top Pot Doughnuts. Since it was a delectable field trip, I thought I would take a moment to share my findings, in case you ever find yourself in Seattle with an empty belly, a hankering for doughnuts, and some spare time.

Top Pot is located under the shadow of the Monorail on 5th and Blanchard. When you enter Top Pot, there may be a small urge to catch up on your reading, since the walls are filled with bookshelves from ceiling to floor.

However, first I wanted sustenance. I perused the menu, which included doughnuts such as Sandcastle (chocolate doughnut with crushed peanuts) and Valley Girl Lemon. I was teased and won over by a Chocolate Feather Boa doughnut, but it was a hard choice over the Chocolate Double Trouble.

In true spirit of Do-Hos, the doughnut server pictured was more than willing to pose for photos while she served our donuts.

However, other Seattleites were not interested in their 15 minutes of fame, as the traditional Seattle barista was too busy making her coffee specialties to cease her activities for a photo and kept her head turned. Also, Kurt Cobain’s “daughter” with her mussed hair and flannel shirt, seeking to abstain from the paparazzi, hurried into the back when I explained my quest. (My theory is that Seattleites hide from the camera because the bright flash of light is foreign to their pale skin.)

Anyway, back to the main topic: The Doughnuts!!!! The targets of our search were big and dense, but not too sweet, which was a relief to me, as I was worried about a super sugar rush, which would make me even more hyper as compared to the laid-back locals. Although many of the flavors were traditional, they were well done and delicious. You were probably wondering about Seattle’s claim to fame--the coffee! It’s a sacrilege to say this around the locals, but I do not drink the brew. However my escort stated that Top Pot served the best of four coffees that he tried in the city.

Well, back home to Virginia now. If y’all are interested, I may be able to highlight a few of our local doughnut delicacies.

Take care,
Do-Ho of the South (AKA So-Do-Ho)


Susan Ringler said...

I love donuts, but have allergies. Can you tell me where the nearest branch of "No Nuts Do Nuts" is? I've just relocated (with my husband John's job - he's in shoes) to Boise, Idaho and I cant find any here at all. Thank you. My name is Susan.

Java Venus said...

OMGosh! On my last trip to Seattle, I stopped into this very donut shop. THE DOUGHNUTS WERE AWESOME! ...Of course, I loved the little shop! I wanted to buy a coffee cup, but was on my way to walk to Pike Street Market and decided I'd stop in on my way back to my hotel to get it...and behold, I was too tired and forgot about the mug. DRAT!

Java Venus

Please visit my other blog at www.javaswhimsy.blogspot.com

Who is Do-Ho? said...


I've never been to Idaho, but I like the sound of anything that ends in "ho" because it sounds like my name! I hope one of your fellow Idaho-ans (?) will write in soon with an allergy-free solution for you!!! We don't want you to go without donuts.

Who is Do-Ho? said...

Dear Java Venus,

I am sold on Top Pot after reading about it. If I can manage to get there on a donut excursion, I'll be sure to pick up mugs for us both.