October 24, 2009

Guest Blogger Donut Excursion: Superior Donuts on Broadway

Guest blogger Maureen heads to Broadway to check out the play Steppenwolf's Superior Donuts

Our donut box runneth over! Another donut fan has entered the world of do-blogging. Last time we heard from So-Do-Ho, who lives on the East coast but flew all the way to the West coast to visit Top Pot Doughnuts. This time we did it in reverse: SoCal girl Maureen headed to New York City for a bit of East coast culture. Interested in guest blogging? No need to book a transcontinental flight: Go on a donut excursion in your own hometown. We'd love to hear from you!

Donuts Hit Broadway

Yes my friends, the great Donut has finally hit the Great White Way in Superior Donuts at the Music Box Theater on W. 45th Street. As my friend Katy and I were scouting the theater district in NYC about two weeks ago, a guy stopped us and with flyer in hand offered us half-price tickets (by the way we were offered two flyer deals in the big city; the second was for a French restaurant that was great--so keep a lookout!). We arrived at the packed theater with the paparazzi (ah--just like home) in full force as Jeff Goldblum and Liev Schreiber were also in attendance. Our seats turned out to be oh, shall we say in the upper, upper balcony (oh well, can’t expect much for a flyer and 50 bucks.)

Superior Donuts, written by Tracy Letts (August Osage County), stars Michael McKean (Lenny from Lavern and Shirley, Spinal Tap) as Arthur Przybyszewski the son of Polish and Russian immigrants, who took over the shop after his parents passed away. Author is a kind of hippie who dodged the draft, and owner of Superior Donuts, a small donut shop in Chicago’s uptown neighborhood. He is struggling with his business as he competes with Starbucks and his crazy Russian neighbor who wants to buy his store. Arthur has also struggled with his personal life: He has become quite lonely since the death of his wife and he has lost touch with his daughter. As the play progresses and the shop is vandalized, Arthur hires Franco played by Jon Michael Hill (whom I enjoyed), a young African American teen, and the two embark on quite the friendship.

I didn’t love this play--but it’s worth checking out. There are some monologues in the play that worked and some that didn’t, but the performances were good and there were some good laughs and hey, who doesn’t like donuts? A few were even featured in the scenery and Franco had to learn to fry the donuts just right. I think they should have had some donuts on hand as I was quiet hungry for some by the end of the show-- maybe it will tour at Dunkin or Krispy Kreme. Enjoy!

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