November 22, 2009

Donut Excursion: Bottega Louie

Do-Ho travels to Los Angeles, California to visit Bottega Louie

Sometimes, when we try to be good just the opposite happens. Like this weekend for example, when we visited Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles. Of the many delectable things on the menu (brioche french toast, lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup, eggs benedict), we chose the healthiest dish: an egg white scramble with tofu and avocado. Yes, we told ourselves. We are a vision of all that is pure and heart-healthy in the midst of a high-cholesterol, mega-caloric, mad mad world.

And then as we were leaving, we took a stroll past the bakery case.

We marched firmly past row upon row of pastries, cupcakes, macaroons and muffins, our chins set with determined self-restraint, and were almost out the door when we spotted a trio of lovely eclairs. Eclairs! Like a long, skinny donut with frosting on top and fluffy cream inside. Flavored in vanilla bean, pistachio, or just plain old chocolate. Friends Shauna and Kristin were extremely supportive in Do-Ho's decision to turn a sensible breakfast outing into an impromptu donut excursion. Sometimes even the best-laid plans need to be quashed!


Nephew Sam said...

That purdy lady in yo fo-to sho do look lak yo freend Samantha Morton... anyways up an all dat, who is this up-start do-nut tastin rival:

You wan me an cousin Cleatus to have a word?

Nigel Clough said...

Yes, but what about your soccer team? Are the rumours that you've quit as manager, mid-season, true? Has Daniel Lee been appoiunted in your place? Is this state of uncertainty anyway to prepare for the cup competition that's just about to get underway? And will Team Donut being playing in the World Soccer Championship Series in Africa next summer?