November 21, 2009

Donut Excursion: Leonard's Bakery

Do-Ho and Momma Do-Ho travel to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit Leonard's Bakery

One day when Do-Ho was just a little donette, she asked Momma Do-Ho, "Where do donuts come from?" And that's when she learned about her family's important role in producing the world's greatest food. Many years ago, Momma Do-Ho's grandfather came over from China to work in the sugar cane mill in Hawaii on the Big Island. When Gramma Do-Ho was a wee girl, she was responsible for taking her father's lunch pail to him at the mill. Though she didn't like sweets herself, Gramma Do-Ho aided in the important work that goes into the donut food chain. Mahalo (Hawaiian for "thank you") Gramma Do-Ho!

On a recent trip to the island of Oahu we stopped by Leonard's bakery, a Honolulu institution. Finding just the right moment between busloads of international tourists, we ordered a half-dozen fresh malasadas, the Portuguese version of a donut. Not satisfied until we tried several flavors, we rated the plain, cinnamon, custard-filled, and haupia (coconut pudding)-filled versions all as Excellent.

Momma Do-Ho prepares for diligent donut research.


Marinesgirl1926 said...

hehehe did you make that story up or did gma actually do that?

Who is Do-Ho? said...

It's true, it's true! You practically come from royalty.