November 19, 2009

Guest Blogger Donut Excursion: The Donut Pub

Guest blogger "Soho Do-Ho" travels to New York City to visit The Donut Pub

We're super excited to introduce guest blogger Soho Do-Ho, one of Do-Ho's favorite writers and partners-in-crime. We look forward to her next (alcohol-induced) post. Interested in guest blogging? We'd love to hear from you!

Some people take a keen interest in international affairs. Or the economy. Or the plight of the disadvantaged. I, too, have a very specific passion. I like to read, nay, memorize, articles about the best junk food in New York City. Whether it's the Times' round-up of truck vendors (OK, it turns out those are mostly making gourmet fare) or New York magazines discussion of pizza, or Chowhounds breakdown on hot dogs, I'm there. A favorite bar game? Give me an intersection and I can tell you the nearest "Best" fatty food. So when Do Ho first asked me to review a New York City donut establishment, I thought Finally. Get paid for my knowledge. Then she told me I'd be writing for free. OK, still it's an excuse to eat donuts. For the betterment of donut-seekers everywhere.

I'd already memorized an entire article on the best donuts in New York City. So imagine my delight when one boozy evening the hubs and I stumbled across The Donut Pub. With a name combining Donut and Pub, how could I have missed it before?

The joint was humble. Fluorescent lights buzzed above me as I perused the selection. No 'organic milled wheat' to be found or 'locally-sourced lingonberries.' No ironic-hipster servers, no gluten-free-donut-artisans clogging about. A couple guys waiting for you to order already. Donuts that perhaps sported locally-sourced lard. My kinda place.

I went for this jaunty number for its cheerful complexity: a glaze of white, marbled with chocolate, and instead of a hole, a useless hole, a generous glob of cherries immersed in cherry goop. Just what a four-margarita-buzz demanded. And it delivered. Every tooth, every internal organ that wasn't ready for this thing just had to buckle up. We enjoyed the ride.

In closing I'd like to offer a hats off to my kid, for being the purpose of my ordering Time Out Kids New York, publisher of the important source material. You're at Union Square and you need a donut? The Donut Pub, at 14th Street and 7th Avenue.

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