December 20, 2009

Guest Blogger Donut Excursion: Zippy's

Big Bro Do-Ho travels to Honolulu, Hawaii to visit Zippy's

As previously chronicled in this blog, the Do-Ho clan has deep-rooted family ties to the sugar industry. As a result, we share an uncanny ability to spot the most notable donut offerings in any given neighborhood. On a recent trip to the tropical island of Oahu, Big Bro Do-Ho indulged in a seasonal offering at Zippy's, Hawaii's favorite family restaurant. It's a shame that so far, no one in our bloodline has married into a famly of dentists.

Chocolate Dream Ultimate Donut

Nothing goes better with an ice cold Pepsi!


1 comment:

Dani said...

What no picture of dad eating it??? and of course a diet pepsi!!! lmao