January 31, 2010

Team Do-Ho Plays Exhibition Match in Buenos Aires

We knew we couldn't go wrong in a city whose stadium is nicknamed "La Bombonera"--the Chocolate Box! Do-Ho and team traveled all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina to partake in a foreign exchange athletic event that rocked the South American continent.

The team was a little confused when, upon entering the stadium, it was all but empty:

We wondered whether soccer was just one of those sports that never caught on in Argentina. But everything was cleared up when, in an adjacent field, we ran into none other than the Argentine National team! The guys explained that during the off-season, they play outside the stadium in order to let the grass grow back on the field. As you can see in the photo above, this seems to be working.

Once everyone had been introduced (via an interpreter), many sets of soccer were played and a good time was had by all.

Without a scoreboard it is hard to say who won the tournament but each team represented its country well.

Here, Do-Ho poses for a souvenir photo with the opposing team. Keep at it, boys--someday soccer just might take off in your part of the world.


Shauna said...

Do-Ho needs to jump in on a game next time! More calories burned=more donuts earned : )

Cleatus Winthorpe said...

Whatever happened to Team Do-Ho... is the rumor that they dropped out of the Top Forty true??

Who is Do-Ho? said...

Shauna, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, a nagging injury has us sidelined for now. We've been told to keep physical exertion to a minimum, and follow a strict donut diet. Doctor's orders!