February 21, 2010

They Eat Donuts in Argentina, Don't They?

Well yes--yes they do. But while we did catch a glimpse of donuts here and there in the shops of Buenos Aires, we couldn't help but notice that they were not as prevalent as in neighboring Chile. Instead, there seems to be larger per capita consumption of an alternative breakfast food called the alfajore. We're not exactly sure how to pronounce it, but we did manage to use the right combination of gestures to successfully order one in a coffee shop called Havanna (the Spanish-speaking version of a Starbucks coffee chain). The alfajore is a little like a moon pie with a dulce de leche filling. So yummy with a cup of hot Argentine coffee that we almost didn't want to leave. But don't cry for us, Argentina--we brought back a whole box and shared them with our friends!

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