June 1, 2010

Donut Excursion: Lebanese Food Festival

Do-Ho travels to Richmond, Virginia to visit the annual Lebanese Food Festival

Occasionally, as referenced in this blog, our waistlines begin to feel the pull of what we now realize is an occupational hazard. But rather than take hiatus to address this weighty issue and therefore deprive our loyal readers of the latest in donut news coverage, we have learned to outsource our donut tasting and even our blogging when necessary. While the latest taste tester is comparatively smaller than many previous contract employees, his keen sense of taste and thoughtful commentary were huge. Below, he takes a scientific bite out of a zalabia (fried strips of dough made of flour, oil, salt, cake yeast and Middle East spices, served with special syrup). The verdict? "Mmmmmmmnnnynnnmmnymn."

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Shauna said...

That face says it all!!!