August 23, 2009

Donut Excursion: Beach City Baked Donuts

Do-Ho travels to Redondo Beach, California to visit Beach City Baked Donuts

As you may have heard, Do-Ho recently launched a campaign called Promoting Healthy Living in Conjunction with the Donut Lifestyle. There are multiple facets of this initiative, including (1) Eating Less; (2) Exercising More; and (3) Other Options. We decided that this would be a perfect time to visit the newly opened Beach City Baked Donuts on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach, California, which boasts a healthier version than the more traditional deep-fried pastry.

We could not have been more delighted to meet the two owners of BCBD Koji and Gina, who graciously explained the healthy aspects of their donuts and provided samples of several interesting varieties.
The shop itself was reminiscent of a Japanese pastry shop, with menu items attractively displayed behind the counter.

The crowd favorite was the cinnamon sugar coating, which combined with the powdery soft but dense donut, called to mind a cinnamon bundt cake. For the more adventurous types, BCBD offers a golden soy donut as well as a green tea powder donut.

It was so hard to choose, Do-Ho had to have one of each. But remember, on a day-to-day basis, one should always indulge in moderation. Do as Do-Ho says, not as Do-Ho does…

As they say in Japan when leaving a restaurant:
ごちそうさまでした (Thanks for the treats!)


Gina said...

To Do-Ho

Thank you for visiting our shop and writing our donuts !!

Who is Do-Ho? said...

Gina, Thanks for the donuts and iced coffee! It was delightful meeting you. See you again soon.